Mystery Cushion KAL

​Since we’ve just finished Lace Club, we’re popping up to tell you about our next club. This was intended to be a group in the shop but instead we’re going to be doing it as a kit. There will be support available and there will be tutorial videos within the pattern too.

It’s going to be left as a mystery knit-a-long because we think it will be more fun that way. We can share some details though. It’s a nature-inspired design called Field and Lea and it’s going to be a cushion. We’ve set out a bit of a mood board to give you an idea of design direction.

​There are 3 different colourways to choose from, so hopefully something to suit every home. The colourway names are a nod to the meadow theme.

If you’d like to take part either email, ring (01472) 508707 (during shop hours); or pop into the shop. Just let us know which colourway you would like.

The kits are £40 each and this includes all the yarn required plus the pattern, which will be released in parts. The deadline for signing up is 31 Aug 2020.

The first section of the pattern will be released via email (though we can do a paper copy in the shop, if this is an issue) on Friday 11 September.

The release dates for the rest of the pattern are —

  • Friday 9 October
  • Friday 13 November
  • Friday 11 December

We’re really excited about this club and we hope you can join in the fun.